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May 21 2018




Why don’t we get more women written in the “lovable asshole” character type

because people call them “bitches”

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Solomon’s Shield is the name of the app

OMG Download this!!!! Stop Police Brutality!

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I am fucking screaming lmfao


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I feel this on a spiritual level

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I need this kind of energy




It’s all fun and gay until you get a crush on her

Update: She’s my girlfriend now it’s all fun and gay again

this is better literature than any novel written by a man


so netflix can renew a show that glorified suicide and somehow make the second season worse but shows like the get down & sense8 get canceled? the get down brought us young black men finding their way in society and an up and coming singer of puerto rican descent attempting to break out of her shell while be subjected to torment by her father. sense8 brought us a group of people from all over the world with vastly different upbringings who fell in love with each other in a way other humans cant. sense8 also features a very diverse group of people: a transwoman and her bisexual girlfriend, a gay man struggling in the movie-making industry in mexico, a korean woman who has done everything for her family, went to prison for her brother, and was subsiquently betrayed by her brother and now she seeks revenge, a poor kenyan man who drives a van to earn money to support his sick and dying mother, a woman from mumbai who works in science and faces frustration with her religion, and more… but yes, let’s watch 13rw, with scenes so physically revolting that people need trigger warnings for almost every episode, that glorifies violence against others and violence against yourself. goddamn, netflix, get your shit together

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this user fucking hates nazis

I want to make it clear, too, that I count nazi apologists as nazis for this, too.

Nazi ideology revolves around racial superiority to the point of genocide. It’s a political ideology that should be shamed out of existence. 

this user absolutely and unequivocally hates Nazis and Nazi apologists

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more no banana cat moods


So between the white woman who called the cops on a black family having a BBQ in a park, the white man threatening to call ICE in nyc on Latina women for speaking Spanish, and a white woman literally yelling for the cops while screaming “gun!” on a black man for making a u turn in their neighborhood should educate us all that white people are realizing that institutional racism is real but they are using it for their own white supremacist social benefit.

They are calling for the authorities knowing that the cops will take their side and will either arrest or murder people of color for simply being seen or heard.



The shining is barely even a horror movie men just be like that

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where’s that lorde tweet abt people not being ready

Reminder that film critics think Bolt is a better animated movie than El Dorado

El Dorado is a movie I ride or die with until my fucking coffin how dare they

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